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13 January 2020 @ 10:31 pm
"Come be how you want to, and see how bright we shine."
~Wicked: the Musical


Welcome to my LJ. Feel free to explore!

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17 December 2011 @ 10:05 pm
My last post was about the PHM atrium which crashed and burned. Haha.
I closed that comm a while back because there was really no participation happening. And the post before that was about my fears that Camp Rock 2 would be awful (which it wasn't). So it's been a LOOONG time since I've been on here. I don't know if I'll be making a come back. I was never the best at keeping up with LJ anyway, but I updated my userpics none-the-less. ;)

Anyway, just wanted to say hello.
So, Hello LJ! It's been a while!
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30 June 2010 @ 03:34 pm
Alright people, the Atrium is finally finished!

What is the Atrium? It's a community for fans of the show Jonas.

It's also a branch off of the Fanfiction.net C2 "Pure Horace Mantis".

PLEASE, join if you're a fan of Jonas! I worked really hard on it!

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24 June 2010 @ 03:52 pm
I'm not sure how I feel about Camp Rock 2 anymore. I was REALLY excited whenever I first heard about it. How could I not be? More Jason! More Ella! More Caitlyn!

But then...

Slight spoilers ahead, click if you aren't afraid of them.Collapse )
24 June 2010 @ 03:50 pm

So, I think I'm going to try to do a series of posts where I discuss the way I think certain characters in the fandoms that I love should be "fleshed out".

Now, I say try because every time I try do a "series" I never follow through. So this might be the one and only post in this series.

Let's start with the fandom itself. Camp Rock is something I've gotten into more recently. I really started to write fanfiction for it last summer, and I've really enjoyed it, but I've discovered that the one character I truly love...is not so loved by everyone else.

Ella Pador.

I loved every little snippet of her in Camp Rock. I thought she was adorable. I didn't dismiss her as an idiot like some people have. I thought she was a teenage girl who liked to see the positives and occasionally spoke before she really had a chance to process what was happening. I don't like when people dismiss characters as one certain thing. No person is one dimensional, and if you want to write fanfiction you have to treat the characters like real people. Ella is certainly more than just a ditz whether you follow the official canon or my own personal fanon.

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25 April 2010 @ 10:22 pm

So, in February of this year I got into the Disney College Program. I'll be in Orlando in the Fall. If you're curious about what exactly the Disney College Program is then click image above. It will take you to my Disney College Program Blog that I've been keeping. Everything you need to know will be in my posts on that blog.


03 April 2010 @ 04:24 pm
I'm currently having a debate on Twitter with someone about Smallville's deviation from Comic Canon and whether or not they can "Mess it up." This person's argument is that they are two different universes and two different canons so they can't "mess it up."

I disagree.

There are certain things that people expect will remain the same. For instance, Clark and Lois. Lots of people would cry foul if Clark ended up with someone other than Lois (unless you're one of those Chloisers or a die hard Lana fan.) Smallville started out as something to fill in the holes of the comic book mythos. This is no longer the case. Smallville is now it's own Superman show. But I've got less and less patience with them these days. Used to I would defend Smallville until my face turned blue, but not anymore.

I'm discovering that I'm finding the characters more and more annoying and less and less likable. The only character I'm still very fond of at this point is Lois. Oliver has slept with just about every female on the show at this point. I understand he's a ladies man, he always has been but having him be in a relationship with every female character (except Lana or Mia) is a little too much. I'm all for Chloe having a man, and I mean an actual man (Although, looking back Jimmy really manned up in that final confrontation with Davis.) not a boy who wants to be a man. But I would prefer they create a character for her to be with instead of using Oliver.

I know that Dinah and Oliver are supposed to be together and probably will be, and I don't like that they've put Chloe and Oliver together. I know it will be a temporary thing and will probably result in heartbreak for both. No one wants that.

*sigh* It might be time for me to stop watching the Ville. We'll see how this season ends, and then I'll decide.
22 March 2010 @ 10:31 pm
I felt like posting about my ships and explaining my logic, lol. Now my definition of an OTP is the One True Pairing that I will write. Not the One True Pairing that I will read. I like to keep an open mind in my reading choices. There are some talented fanfiction authors out there who write some brilliant things for pairings I'm not really a fan of.

So, let's get started with this list. Starting with my earliest fandoms.

Power Rangers:

It's so hard to have an OTP for Power Rangers! There are so many awesome ships! Put there are two ships that I am DETERMINED to have together. They are with eachother or no one else! The first is Fran/Dom from Jungle Fury. I ADORE them. I do not pair Fran or Dom with anyone else because I love them so. The other is Gemma/Flynn from RPM. Those two are so sweet together and they BELONG together. They didn't have a solid ending in RPM but I wish they did. Luckily these two couples are canon so I really don't need to explain them too much, but I will tell you why I love them.

Fran is the girl next door who, you can tell, probably hasn't had that much attention from boys in a romantic sense, and Dom is smart and charming and a bit of a ladies man. He and Fran both enjoy reading. He's seen the world and she hasn't. There's so much that they could share with eachother that I can't help but love them. Plus, Fran is so adorable that she deserves to get the guy she wants.

Flynn is a mechanic who generally isn't appreciated for his brilliant mind, and Gemma is brilliant (and everyone knows it) but she's a tad impulsive and unfocused. Gemma learns just how brilliant Flynn is and truly appreciates it while Flynn learns that Gemma is more than just one half of Gem&Gemma. She's got her own person in her somewhere. I LOVE that these characters see that about eachother when no one else does. It makes me happy.

After Power Rangers I got involved in X-Men. My X-Men OTP is Rogue/Gambit. I can not stand Rogue/Bobby or Rogue/Logan. Rogue will forever be meant to be with Gambit. Gambit is a criminal, but he's a criminal who needs Rogue to keep him in check. And Rogue needs Gambit to let her know that just because she can't touch skin doesn't mean she can't be loved. They're beautiful and complicated (which is always the best kind of relationship.)

Moving on to Harry Potter:

Ron/Hermione. Really. Hermione is a know it all, but she still needs someone around to remind her that life isn't all about books and learning. Ron does that very well. He's frustrating and lovable and keeps her feeling every kind of emotion. Ron needs someone to make him at least a little ambitious, and Hermione is VERY good at pushing him. She wants him to do well, and she helps him all she can (even though she may complain about it.)


Dinah and Oliver. I don't care what Smallville does canon wise...Oliver and Dinah belong together. They're both sarcastic and snarky, and not afraid to call eachother on all their bull. Dinah doesn't take Oliver's crap, and she loves his makeshift family like her own. Oliver makes sure that Dinah doesn't try to do everything herself (because without Oliver she would take it all on and overwhelm herself.) They NEED eachother, and it WILL happen. Eventually. Oliver can do whatever he wants for now, but it's inevitable that Dinah will capture his attention and his heart.

High School Musical:

My pairings for this movie are set in stone. All of them. Ryan and Kelsi are my favorite. They're creative and adorable. They both enjoy hats and know the trials of Sharpay Evans. Kelsi is introverted and Ryan is extroverted. Kelsi writes the music and Ryan creates the movement. They're the perfect team both personally and professionally.

Jason and Martha are my next favorite. I maintain that Jason is NOT dumb. He just can't focus and doesn't pay too much attention to broad details. Martha is the perfect choice to help him with those things, and Jason is the perfect person to show Martha that she's unique and beautiful and love her for all her Math Nerd Hip Hop Dancing quirks.

My other HSM OTPs are Zeke/Sharpay, Chad/Taylor, and Troy/Gabriella.  I only write these couples together, and I got very lucky that HSM3 made them ALL canon.

Hannah Montana:

Jackson and Lilly. I hate Loliver with a passion because it's just so out of character. Oliver said himself that he's always been a mix between Lilly's "Guy friend and a pinata." Which is TRUE. There is no evidence (other than Disney shoving them together) to say that Lilly had any sort of feelings for Oliver OTHER than Friendship. She's never been jealous, and certainly never seemed to find him attractive.

There have been moments however (Outside of the Lackson dream episode) where Jackson has shown that he has a soft spot for Lilly. And if nothing else, keep in mind that Lilly is the only person to have SUCCESSFULLY cleaned Jackson's room. Plus, according to HM: the Movie, what Lilly really wants is a cowboy. I believe that Jackson is INDEED, a cowboy. Just saying. He is from Tennessee.

Camp Rock:

Camp Rock is a fandom where I have just recently discovered my OTPs. I have, previous to discovering my OTPs, written some of the characters with other people. Camp Rock took a while for me to find my fanfiction footing in. I had to explore and figure out which pairings suited me best. I can tell you that at least one of them is VERY unusual.

Jason and Caitlyn. Jason needs someone to keep him grounded. He's not stupid, but he does seem to become distracted and maybe get carried away with his imagination. I say maybe because we haven't really seen THAT much of him to know. But I do believe that Jason needs someone to keep his feet from floating TOO far off the ground. Caitlyn is just the right person for that. She's understanding of a person's unique traits yet has a firm grasp on reality. She would be the perfect person to balance Jason. She wouldn't treat him like he was a naive little boy. She would appreciate him for this unique man he is.

Nate and Ella. This is the one I told you was very unusual. I like this one much for the same reason I like Jason and Caitlyn. Ella is not an idiot. She likes her gossip and she likes her make up, and maybe she doesn't listen as well as she should, but she is not dumb. We've also seen that she has more loyalty and compassion than Tess (much more in my oppinion.) She does tend to follow, but what teenage girl doesn't go through a "following phase"? I think she needs Nate to help her realize she needs to be her own person, and to see that she can stand on her own. Nate, again a character we haven't seen much of, is sarcastic, serious, and dry, BUT he must have tons of patience to be in a band with guys like Shane and Jason. That patience is something that Ella would need. He could be her rock, and I think it would be completely adorable.

And finally...


This is the fandom I'm the most involved in right now. I LOVE this show. Love it! I have my OTPs, and I found them almost automatically. Again, I want to say that I define OTP by the pairings that I can ONLY write with eachother not by the pairings that I can only READ with eachother.

My first and favorite JONAS OTP is Macy and Kevin. They are both quirky and confident. They know who they are and they're not ashamed of it. Macy appreciate's Kevin for the way he is (obsessive people like love of guitars and all), and Kevin is the brother that has the most patience for Macy's klutzy side (which I am pleased to say has gotten much better.) Given that Macy's seems to hurt Kevin the most I'd say that's a fairly big accomplishment for him. Macy, even as their superfan, is not afraid to call Kevin out (or really any of the Lucas boys.) Both Kevin and Macy are positive happy people who appreciate the little things in life that most people miss. That's why they belong together.

Joe and Stella. Joe needs someone to knock his ego down a few pegs, and Stella is very good at that. She makes it clear when he is being and jerk and yet never gives him reason to doubt that she is still there for him if he needs her. Joe may be confident around everyone else, but around Stella he's a stammering, uncool, regular teenager. I'd say that's something that a rockstar needs to have in his life. There's no doubt that the two truly care for eachother. They are very protective of eachother and hate to see the other hurting. Despite their bickering they have a very caring relationship.

So, there are all my OTPs from the fandoms I write quite a bit in. OTPs that didn't get a mention (due to my writing very few stories about them) are Sonny and Chad from Sonny with a Chance and Harper and Zeke from Wizards of Waverly Place.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list, and could at least see my logic in my choice of pairings. I don't like people who throw characters together because they think they might be pretty together. That just doesn't fly. You have to consider the characters, the context, and the universe they live in. If you don't do that you're not doing the fandom justice. Just something to think about.
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I could not get the table code at the group LJ to work so I'm using my regular table generator. I worked on it for over an hour and that code just refused to work.

Here's the previews:


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30 January 2010 @ 09:14 pm

Alright LJers I have revamped my old high school blogger. My intention is to blog about my experience with the Disney College Program (should I get in.) I will start with blogging about the application and interview progress and it will be documented whether I get in or not (but let's all pray that I get in.)

So, if you're at all interested in how the College Program works you can check out my new blog here: http://www.dcphopeful.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you guys commenting!