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Come be How You Want to . . .

And See How Bright we Shine!

24 November 1987
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This journal is basically for all of my graphics and stories and whatever else I feel like posting. I've been writing fanfiction for eleven years now. I started in 1998 with NSYNC Fiction and now I write for several fandoms. At the moment I'm writing a lot of things for JONAS, Camp Rock, High School Musical, and Power Rangers: RPM. My favorite pairings of the moment are Kevin/Macy (JONAS), Nate/Ella (Camp Rock), Ryan/Kelsi (HSM), and Flynn/Gemma (PR:RPM). I also love Lilly/Jackson (Hannah Montana) and Sonny/Chad (Sonny with a Chance). I'm a big Disney fan. My major is advertising and I hope to work for Disney World's in house agency after graduation (or at some point in my life).

Graphic Resources (I'll be adding to these as I find resources): street_of_mercy freetimer_icons iconseeyou